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About Arizona Baseball Tours

When I was a boy, my dad would bring the Milwaukee Journal home every Sunday.  Growing up in rural Wisconsin, most of my exposure to sports reporting was local and it was a real treat to read in more detail about the Brewers and other Wisconsin professional and college teams.  I remember reading the stories about the Brewers during spring training with the dateline “Sun City, AZ”.  My mind would wander, wondering what it was like at this place where the Brewers were playing baseball while the rest of us were still stuck in winter. 

I finally got my chance to see for myself during spring break of my senior year at UW-Eau Claire (1986).  I was hooked.  Since then, my wife Jennifer and I have travelled to Arizona many times to watch to Brewers and enjoy the beauty and warm weather of Arizona.


In 2019 we opened Arizona Baseball Tours.  We faced challenges in the first few years with COVID and the MLB lockout, but persevered.  Thanks to all of you who supported us during those tough early years.  We had two successful tours in 2023 and have three tours scheduled in 2024.

We hope you can join us and other Brewers fans for a great week of baseball, sightseeing, and relaxation in beautiful Arizona.

We are Wisconsin owned and operated.

Go Brewers!

Joel Moffitt

Arizona Baseball Tours

The Moffitt family of Arizona Baseball Tours

Jennifer, Joel, Chloe

Frankie, Buddy, Ella

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